*“Affliction, lasts for a short time, while peace is forever, by the grace of God the Word.” – St. Moses the Black* *12th Sunday of Pentecost* *Sunday, Aug 24* Eph 3:1-13 Mt 15:21-28 *Ushers* Please Volunteer *Greeter Carolyn Lalli * *Ar. Lector Michel Boutros* * En. Lector Al Nahal* *Intercessions* Bob Stolar *Pancake Breakfast* Please join us for breakfast … *Sunday – August 24* 11:00 am to 2:30 pm Adults – $5 / Children under 12 – $3 The pancake breakfast will be held once a month on the last Sunday of the month. *Greetings from Brother Paul Hoover of the Most Holy Trinity Monastery* *Parish Picnic* *Memorial Service for Aborted Children at Albany Rural Cemetery* *The Maronite Liturgy* *Service of the Word* *Disposal of Palms and other Religious Articles and Sacramentals* *Second Annual Charity Golf Tournament* *Knights of Columbus Offers Matching Gift Campaign to Support Iraqi Minorities* *Maronite Term of the Week: **FENQITHO (fen KEE to) * pdf icon St-Anns-Bulletin-2014-034-2014-08-24.pdf
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